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Mumbai Monsoon Yays!

June 21st, 2010 · General, Travel

Cribbing is always easy. So I tried to appreciate the niceness of monsoon in Mumbai, even though it was a tough task.

1) Pakoras and Chai. This simple combination tastes delicious when it’s showering heavily outside. When you have a bite and then a sip, you can’t help thanking the almighty for the heavenly atmosphere.

2) Brightly colored umbrellas, crocs, leggings and skirts. This season makes them look oh-so-cool and sexy. This season gives you total freedom to go wild with colors and everyone’s happy when they see you wearing them (instead of commenting what a hippie you look).

3) The scarce vegetation in the city gets a second lease on life. They look green once at this time of the year and there can’t be a better eye candy.

4) The sun does not rudely wake you with his rays at 6:30 am. Nope. You can sleep till late afternoon and still feel the blankets smug. Ohh…now I wanna go sleep…

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Mumbai Monsoon Woes!

June 21st, 2010 · General, Travel

Why is the life-giving season of monsoon so annoying in Mumbai? The following would give you an idea…

1) The roads are so mucky, there’s no way you can escape a splatter if at all you need to step out of the house.

2) The water does not wash away all the grime that our city had been hoarding for the past months. In fact this water brings with it all sorts of dead creepy crawlies out of their pits. Eiew!

3) Even when you are wise enough to protect yourself from getting wet, your brains don’t count when it comes to traveling with the majority brainless population in train. They’re wet. The train’s crowded. Their clothes stick to yours. You get wet. Its simple logic you see. Damn!

4) The traffic. Ugh! It’s like the god of road-wrath gets unleashed with the downpour. There is a jam at every road and then tempers flare and everyone’s pissed off!

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Hollywood Homicide is a fast-paced story about two cops who follow up on – what else- a Hollywood Homicide. Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett play the very handsome Detectives Gavilan and Calden respectively.

It’s fun to watch them juggle different jobs at the time of their duty. Gavilan is a real estate dealer and Calden is a yoga teacher, who also does a bit of theatre, as like everyone else in LA he is sure he’ll make it in the movies.

Their chase has everything. Wise-cracks on each others’ side – businesses, speeding cars, unexpected man-to-man bonding moments and of course, loads of magnetic charm dripping from both the hot guys.

But the things is, we get so pulled into all this drama that the thread of the mystery is more often than not lost on us. The puzzle could have been more cryptic. They could have revealed it layer by layer.

The movie has great action and thrill. Has good comedy too. The beautiful locations of LA give it an added lift. Lacks a bit on the romance front but its hardly relevant in this kind of a film.

A must watch!

Rating: 3 / 5

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Don’t mess with the Zohan is a comedy mainly spoofing on the Isreali-Palestinian war. The makers have taken, what they thought as stuff from the Middle Eastern culture as props for jokes.

Adam Sandler as Zohan is an Isreali counter terrorist and aspires to be a hair stylist. He is sick and tired of the war and hate. He wants to stop fighting and start a new peaceful life. But his opinions are laughed upon by his own parents. He is just not taken seriously. So he fakes his own death and comes to the United States in pursuit of his dream. He finds that the Isreali and Palestinian immigrants here too carry some fear and prejudice of the each other. What’s more, he falls in love with a Palestinian girl.

How Zohan resolves the misunderstanding at least among the immigrants and teaches them to live with love and brotherhood is what the film basically is about.

The film doesn’t generate the amount of laughter that as a full- on comedy it should. a lot of sexual connotations in the jokes make them gross. but the message of the film is needed and makes for a good core.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

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Ghost Town is yet another film that deals with a person’s encounter with those spirits that have not been able to cross over because they have some business left unfinished here on earth.

This time the souls are after Dr.Pincus (Ricky Gervais), a person who winces with anything that’s got to with being social. Me, Myself and I, are only people he likes to interact with. So when after a mishap at the hospital Dr.Pincus starts encountering the spirits… he’s completely freaking out, absolutely confident that he’s got a nut loosened up in his head.

The movie as it draws to the end, changes Dr.Pincus from being an absolute pain in the arse to a kind hearted sympathetic person. But the transformation isn’t awe-inspiring, it was predictable right from the beginning.

The movie does not have much of romance or comedy. The colour scheme is bleak. Add to it Ricky Gervais as Dr.Pincus is really not affable nor are the other characters.

You can give this one a pass.

Rating: 1.5 /5

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Don’t go by the title of the film – The Librarian. It sounds like the film is all about intellectual quests or treasure hunts but turns out it has all that plus the surprise Goth element of vampires!

This film, the third in the series, revolves around the hunt of Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) for the Judas Chalice, which has the power to resurrect dead vampires. Of course, we don’t fail to have a beautiful lady vampire Simone Renoir (Stana Katic) to whom Flynn loses his heart. Again the lady vampire is not into hurting humans, she fights her natural instinct to kill humans and instead thrives on packaged blood. No idea how she got her hands onto that!

It involves a lot of dry comedy, little romance and a little more special effects.

The script is okay just enough to hold your interest. The color scheme is dull… full of brown, black and grey and err…red too.

An okay watch, not too much of an adrenaline rush.

Rating: **/ 5

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Planet 50:50 is a restaurant and bar in the interiors of Vasai Gaon.

This restaurant gives you almost everything. You name it. The service is good, the price is awesome and the seating is good too! In fact there’s a lot of choice when it comes to seating. The whole restaurant is divided into various areas of seating, which you may not actually give you a lot of different views but just get a different feel. Just, helps to fight the boredom when you go to the same place again and again.

And yes ladies, the loo is decent enough. Parking is trouble-free.

The lighting is trance-like. There’s white and blue all over and you actually feel like you’re floating in the middle of the galaxy.

The negatives are the fact that they play outdated music and the waiters may seem a bit frightening at the start…Ha ha.

But if you want to have a full tummy in minimal budget and at a decent place, this is surely a place you can go to.

Rating: ***/5

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Madhavan explains…

February 23rd, 2010 · General, Movies, TV

Actor Madhavan explains why he became infamous in Kollywood.

Apparently a news had broken out in the south film industry that actor Madhavan now wants to select the actresses starring opposite him. This was really putting him in bad light as an egoistic actor who wants to have a say in the casting.

The actor explains that the story is true but he has his own very logical reasons behind it.

Madhavan tells that, as an actor he never tries too hard to ‘act’ but just sort of slip into his character and perform effortlessly. This was not being possible when the actress who plays his love interest didn’t know Tamil. It was like he would mouth a dialogue and a male would reply to it from behind the actress who was then required to repeat it.

And Maddy would just lose the essence of the moment because he felt he was romancing a guy!

The actor made it clear that all he did was ask for one thing- that the actress who plays his romantic interest should know Tamil.

Now that the real story is out hope Madhavan is forgiven!

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Sunny Deol traces a lot of himself in his cousin brother Abhay Deol. The reason the actor points, is that Abhay doesn’t follow ‘the trend’. He has always taken up films in which he believes. Whereas most of the newcomers go for presentation and glamour, Abhay has taken films that have captivated his heart and soul.

Sunny says that this is the way all the actors in his family have been and he is glad that it has worked out in the best possible way for Abhay. Abhay’s last film Dev D, based on the tragic love story of Devdas, received tons of acclaim from the critics and was loved by the audience as well.

Even as Sunny is anticipating his next release Right Yaa Wrong , he prays that Abhay’s ‘Road, Movie’ also does well and takes Abhay to better and bigger places!

Aww! Now that’s what we call ‘so-not-sibing-rivalry’!

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Radio – Movie Review

February 16th, 2010 · General, Movies

Set in the 70’s this film focuses on the life of James Robert Kennedy (Cuba Gooding Jr), a black man affected with some sort of a mental disorder.

Many do not understand his state of mind until he gets ill treated by a bunch of boys at the local high school. Coach Harold Jones (Ed Harris) comes to his rescue and thus begins a beautiful relationship based on human kindness.

A lot of ups and downs mark the duo’s journey. Some are more affecting like the incident where James (nicknamed Radio thanks to his attachment to the electronic device), loses his mother and also the one where Coach Jones steps down from his position as coach just so he can take care of Radio, thereby assuring the school administration that there’s someone always keeping an eye on him.

Very bleak, with zero glamour elements, the film has only the strong script and the talented actor’s realistic portrayal of the characters to keep us glued to the movie. But for what the message is worth and the fact that the movie is based on a real life story, this one’s worth catching up on!

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